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The pandemic has changed everything, and that includes our Home & Garden Expo refund policy. We know exhibitors want more flexibility, so we’ve implemented an entirely new cancelation and refund policy so you can relax and exhibit with confidence!

If you as an exhibitor want to cancel for any reason:

  • Full refunds will be issued for any cancellation through January 3rd, 2025.

  • 75% refunds will be made between January 4th and January 17th, 2025.

  • 50% refunds will be made between January 18th and February 7th, 2025.

  • 25% refunds will be made between February 8th and February 14th, 2025.

  • No refunds for exhibitor cancellations after February 14th, 2025.


If the Expo is cancelled beyond the HBA’s control:

The HBA will offer prorated refunds to exhibitors based on already incurred and non-refundable expenses and other costs related to the Home & Garden Expo. In the spirit of transparency of openness, these calculations will be validated by the Advisory Council of Exhibitors. It is expected that these prorations would roughly align with the refund schedule above.

For complete details on the new Easy-Exit refund policy, designed to strike a fair balance of shared risk between the exhibitors and HBA, refer to sections 16-18 in the Home & Garden Expo Exhibitor Agreement.

To learn more about the Advisory Council of Exhibitors, click here, or to participate on the Council, email HBA staff at

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